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The Electric Stretch

A flexibility class everyone can do. You'll go into the poses until you feel a nice stretch somewhere and then contract and pulse muscles to make the feelings deeper - first upper body, then core, then legs muscles. That stretching sensation means that all at once, we get:

  • Improved circulation & range of motion
  • Muscle activation
  • Brain-Muscle Connection

Stretching is relative - as soon as you move far enough to feel the sensation of a stretch, you're doing it. There is no "I'm not flexible enough to stretch."

100% accessible for anyone with an injury or an awareness of the need for more flexibility - from Beginner to Advanced.  

Developed by Will Thomas, Bikram Yoga teacher since 2007

Monday 8am Zoom Electric Stretch ⚡

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If we have an ideal *shape* of a pose in mind, whatever keeps us from “going all the way” into that pose (e.g. pain or stiffness) will feel like an obstacle. Negative. If, instead, we have an ideal *feeling* in mind, a pain becomes something we accept and respect (and avoid) and the stiffness becomes a target that we are curious about. So “all the way” in a pose becomes the point at which we generate some clear, nice & therapeutic feelings somewhere in the body while avoiding pain in another part. Positive. If there is pain, do whatever it takes to keep that area comfortable (e.g. knee) while using the pose to find feelings in other areas (quads, abs, shoulders…).If there is stiffness, use the pose to get as close as you can to the stiffness and feel what muscle activity and range is possible. Every little stretch feeling deserves congratulations for 1)new muscle activity 2)new muscle range and 3)new brain-muscle connection.I think we are so trained to focus on shapes - and to avoid stretching feelings - that this approach takes practice and patience to get :). For me, the little positivities add up to a physical confidence. The brain-muscle connections give me a sense of access and control over what’s happening in my body that I didn’t have before. --Will