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No Thoughts of Knee Surgery

"The pandemic brought me back to your Stretch class. My knees were so sore, that I was evaluated for knee replacement surgery and started taking shots in my knee. I had to take steps, one at a time, for fear of loss of stability. Well one year later, with 3-4 stretch classes a week, I have no trouble walking up and down steps, little discomfort, and no thoughts of knee replacement surgery or getting shots." --Penny T.

"Unlocked a Shoulder after Many Years"

shoulder stretching

"I had accepted shoulder pain as the price of years of skiing and physical activity.  I had a long yoga practice pre-pandemic but it didn't really improve my shoulder.  

A few weeks into using Will's stretching classes online, I totally opened that shoulder and now know how to keep it feeling good👍.  

--Gene Pride

My Back Pain is a Distant Memory

"I lived with back and hip pain for years...then  I became a regular in Will's stretching classes...I can do them from home, my pain is minimal, and the methods Will teaches really help."  — Fred R.

"Two Un-Frozen Shoulders 🙂"

yoga at your house

"My job as a flight attendant requires a lot of overhead lifting.  I started hot yoga for my 2 frozen shoulders and both are good now. Will's stretch class really allows my body to open and move to do all the other sports I do. I can never conquer it - is the most challenging for my mind and body - moving my muscles and stretching my body in a beautiful healing way. Thanks so much Will!!! 🙏🏻😀". --Darlene

"I'm Happier than I Was Before"

"I had a lot of pain in my hips and after only 5 classes I can sleep through the whole night again" - Mireya (hips)

"I used to go to many doctors and chiropractors and the only thing that really worked was yoga. Since starting, I have been PAIN FREE" - Carlos (shoulder)

"I started this class 2 1/2 months ago and it's been a big blessing for my life...I can sleep better...I feel fantastic" - Freddie (Bell's Palsy)