Daily Reset for Back Pain

How it works: We get blood circulating, muscles moving, and muscles firing by finding little tightnesses or stretch feelings in the body. The tightnesses actually become the targets - the markers - the information - that the body has for us. The tightnesses let us know very valuable data: what hasn't been moving, firing, circulating lately. The beauty of the practice is that it's in the looking for the information that we get the needed improvements. In order to find tightnesses, we have to fire muscles. In order to find tightnesses, we have to move muscles in ways they haven't been moving lately. Finding tightnesses means new blood circulation is happening - in the exact spots it hasn't been circulating. --Will

My Back Pain is a Distant Memory

"I lived with back and hip pain for years...then  I became a regular in Will's stretching classes...I can do them from home, my pain is minimal, and the methods Will teaches really help."  — Fred R.

More Testimonials

"The stretching heightens the connection between my body and mind, elongates my muscles where it needs the most, and makes me feel more present. I love the idea of unmuting and listening to all my muscles, thank you for elevating our body consciousness like that ❣️ Namaste In daily life, I feel stronger to work standing and take long walks without back pain"

--Andrea, yearslong physical studio client who has continued with us on Zoom, finance executive, 2x/wk

"MINDSET SHIFT: Stretching practice has created a true mindset shift. Growing up playing competitive sports with three brothers, there was a rigidity to the way I first approached this class. I see that has spilled over into other areas of my life. In Will’s class there is constant reinforcement to accept where I am and even on that particular day. This space is not a competition, although we realize there are times when we compete. This practice serves as a way to undergird and fortify life’s demands. We can be grateful for the way our body responds.FOCUS/CLARITY: Coming out of a season where there was a lot of “noise” in my head and I had trouble being still and concentrating through one class. Now I see a rhythm to the way standing and sitting series.CORE: Stronger. Lots. This was an area of weakness for me and was not consistently strengthening it.LOWER BACK: No more dull pain on left side.UPPER BODY/NECK: Tension has greatly subsided and I can tell if I am not taking the class!"

--Anne, new client on Zoom 2.5 years now, runner, fundraiser, 4x/wk

From Will:

The newest regulars in my Zoom stretch classes are 70+. "Stretching" is a magic combo of muscles, mobility, and mindfulness.Since it's guided by how every little thing feels (rather than how the pose looks or how long it's held), everyone can do it. We aren't "doing poses" - we methodically move through the body looking for tightnesses - building stability and strength in the process. As my latest client (78, total hip replacement, 40 years ballet teacher) puts it: "I'm past wanting to achieve perfection in any posture - I just want to feel good."