Daily Reset for Your Office

What if you had a way to relieve the most common physical complaint - low back tightness - for your office? In 7 minutes during the work day? 

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  • American Airlines
  • City National Bank
  • Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables
  • Northern Trust
  • Wounded Warriors Project


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Sitting. Texting. Phones on the shoulder. Focused on the screen and getting the job done. While we seem to be getting more work done than ever, there's a cost sometimes in how we feel. A disconnection. A distraction from what's going on in our own bodies. Sooner or later, we start to feel something wrong. A tightness. A pinching. A weakness. Like we can't move they way we used to - or are supposed to. Sometimes it hurts so much it takes our breath away - and sometimes it just sits there and annoys us. Reminds us that we are neglecting something important - but we just don't have time right now...

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The answer?  

Movement. Circulation. Stretching.

“I've heard Yoga is good - but who has the space for all those mats? And the time for a hour-long class with changing clothes? Who could come in early or stay late with their outside work schedule packed with carpools, pickups, everything else?”

Our solution? 7-minute in-office/Zoom guided group stretching sessions. No yoga mats or changing clothes - just quick, targeted, effective focus on the muscles that are calling for our attention. We only need space for the group to stand up - in the conference or break room works perfectly. Unlock Sitting Muscles. Prevent Injuries. Relieve Stress. Call today and start getting your team the Back Relief they need.

"I usually have issues but right now my low back feels amazing." - Fire Fighter after a mini stretching session 

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Office Stretching by Yoga House Miami

Will Thomas Yoga House Miami

Will Thomas, Office Yoga Specialist

  • 1st yoga class in 2000 during MBA school - loved the feeling even without experience or flexibility  
  • Certified Teacher 2007, Studio Owner 2009 
  • Taught over 37,000 individuals in 2,200 classes  
  • Office Stretching Leader for First Responders and American Airlines, BBC Worldwide, Miami-Dade County Employees, Wounded Warrior Project, and more 
  • Main focus is helping clients release low-back and shoulder pain through strengthening and stretching