Daily Reset for Knee Pain

As soon as you find the stretch using these poses, two great things happen number one is that feeling means that you’ve gone little past your normal range of motion so you probably got a little more bloodflow happening in that area. So if you do that consistently overtime you are going to open that part of your body up. The second thing great thing that happens is that by definition creating that sensation of stretching means that you’ve got your brain and that part of your body working together or connected. And doing that consistently over time will build your confidence around that part of your body and just generally in your own skin. --Will

No Thoughts of Knee Surgery

"The pandemic brought me back to your Stretch class. My knees were so sore, that I was evaluated for knee replacement surgery and started taking shots in my knee. I had to take steps, one at a time, for fear of loss of stability. Well one year later, with 3-4 stretch classes a week, I have no trouble walking up and down steps, little discomfort, and no thoughts of knee replacement surgery or getting shots." --Penny T.

"For me it's part of my Personal readiness includes the physical, psychological, social, spiritual and family preparedness needed to be able to optimize performance and be fit for duty both at home and at work.

--Lorena, 40s, yearslong physical studio client who has continued with us on Zoom, retail sales on her feet all day, 2x/wk