Flexibility Classes and Stretches for Sciatica, Hip Pain, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain

We teach you how to stretch to feel better: increased mobility, decreased back pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain

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If you want to regain your flexibility and relieve any joint pain, step one is, ask yourself: do you believe that better blood circulation, quicker muscle activation and deeper brain-body connection will help you? If you believe that, then step two is just figuring out how to get those things. This routine is how I get them. It's part of a longer class that I teach called the electric stretch which jump starts your blood circulation, muscle activation, and mindbody connection that results in regained flexibility and relief from joint pain.

So back to step one as you think through your body and whatever issues you may have - whether it's your knee is sore or your shoulder doesn't feel like it can move without pain or is it a low back tenderness… actually Take a second and ask yourself do you believe that blood flow and muscles working and mind-body connection will help. If so, then let's get started right now...--Will

My Back Pain is a Distant Memory

"I lived with back and hip pain for years...then  I became a regular in Will's stretching classes...I can do them from home, my pain is minimal, and the methods Will teaches really help."  — Fred R.

No Thoughts of Knee Surgery

"The pandemic brought me back to your Stretch class. My knees were so sore, that I was evaluated for knee replacement surgery and started taking shots in my knee. I had to take steps, one at a time, for fear of loss of stability. Well one year later, with 3-4 stretch classes a week, I have no trouble walking up and down steps, little discomfort, and no thoughts of knee replacement surgery or getting shots." --Penny T.

Unlocked a Shoulder

"I had accepted shoulder pain...but a few weeks into using Will's stretching classes online, I totally opened that shoulder and now know how to keep it feeling good👍." --Gene P.

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Two Un-Frozen Shoulders 🙂

"My job as a flight attendant requires a lot of overhead lifting.  I started for my 2 frozen shoulders and both are good now. Will's stretch class really allows my body to open - stretching my body in a beautiful healing way. Thanks so much Will!!! 🙏🏻😀". --Darlene"

Your Teachers

Will Thomas, Stretching Teacher since 2007

Will and Mary Margaret Thomas

Mary Margaret Thomas, Yoga Teacher since 2007

Yoga Stretches for Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain

Get started now with a free 7-min stretching routine video

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