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How To Stretch:

Back Stretches, Shoulder Stretches, & Hip Stretches

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Will Thomas, Stretching Teacher

What if You Knew How to Ease Back Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Hip Pain?

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Two Un-Frozen Shoulders 🙂

"My job as a flight attendant requires a lot of overhead lifting.  I started for my 2 frozen shoulders and both are good now. Will's stretch class really allows my body to open - stretching my body in a beautiful healing way. Thanks so much Will!!! 🙏🏻😀". --Darlene"

Stretching Theory:

We get stronger and calmer just by finding where we’re tight.

Physically, just finding the tight spots in the body is enough to unlock them - gently, slowly, and daily.  By simply looking for those feelings around the body, our muscles and joints begin to activate, coordinate, align, and heal. 

Mentally, finding the tight spots is an easy way to control the brain; there’s no mistaking or getting it wrong - we either make the feeling or we don’t.  That’s insurance against distraction and “exercise boredom” because every feeling is different every day. 

Spiritually, by looking for the tight places in the body - our limitations - and no longer avoiding them, we acknowledge, accept, appreciate, and even celebrate our whole selves.  That brings confidence and optimism for life.

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Unlocked a Shoulder

"I had accepted shoulder pain...but a few weeks into using Will's stretching classes online, I totally opened that shoulder and now know how to keep it feeling good👍." --Gene P.

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My Back Pain is a Distant Memory

"I lived with back and hip pain for years due to stenosis around the lumbar area as well as arthritic hip pain.  My doctor predicted eventual hip replacement and an orthopedic surgeon suggested I live with it.  I became a regular in Will's stretching classes over the past few years.  The focus on stretching problem areas has helped me gain control of and minimize that chronic low-level pain.  Now that the classes are shorter and I can do them from home, my pain is minimal, and the methods Will teaches really help."  — Fred R.