I solved my joint pain - you can, too.

Unique method for for Sports Recovery, Flexibility, Balance

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I solved my joint pain - you can, too.

Flexibility means feeling confident that your joints can move and your muscles can respond to the things you want to do in life.  It means you'll adapt as your body gets older and feel as good as possible because you have learned how to listen to what your body needs (instead of ignoring it or just demanding things from it).  Want to learn how to listen to what your body needs?

My unique method is a quick way to tune in to what your body needs to move better and get out of back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, etc. It's simple but not obvious in popular exercise culture. This is not "exercise" or calorie-burn or complicated yoga poses - it's learning to listen to what your body needs.

Will Thomas, Flexibility Coach

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My Back Pain is a Distant Memory

"I lived with back and hip pain for years...then  I became a regular in Will's stretching classes...I can do them from home, my pain is minimal, and the methods Will teaches really help."  — Fred R.

No Thoughts of Knee Surgery

"The pandemic brought me back to your Stretch class. My knees were so sore, that I was evaluated for knee replacement surgery and started taking shots in my knee. I had to take steps, one at a time, for fear of loss of stability. Well one year later, with 3-4 stretch classes a week, I have no trouble walking up and down steps, little discomfort, and no thoughts of knee replacement surgery or getting shots." --Penny T.

Unlocked a Shoulder

"I had accepted shoulder pain...but a few weeks into using Will's stretching classes online, I totally opened that shoulder and now know how to keep it feeling good👍." --Gene P.

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Two Un-Frozen Shoulders 🙂

"My job as a flight attendant requires a lot of overhead lifting.  I started for my 2 frozen shoulders and both are good now. Will's stretch class really allows my body to open - stretching my body in a beautiful healing way. Thanks so much Will!!! 🙏🏻😀". --Darlene"

will thomas stretching teacher

Will Thomas, Yoga Teacher since 2007