Flexibility Classes and Stretches for Back Pain, Knee Pain, Neck Pain

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If we go at it like traditional exercise, like we are going in to fix or correct something, we might be moving something temporarily but subtly telling ourselves that this is only possible with extraordinary measures… "Working out." Whereas if we go at it like a diagnostic reading of what's going on, we let the brain get comfortable with what is happening and make its own adjustments later on when we're not even thinking about it. Sitting differently, moving differently, breathing differently… all without having to think about it while it's happening.The crazy thing is how many muscles we use in order to find tightness in the body. But we don't know that we're using them because that's not what we're thinking about. Yet they are the exact muscles that need to start firing to get us the mobility we want. (Not just the muscles we intellectually think we need to develop). -Will