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About the Owners

We love working on ourselves and being around people doing the same.  

That’s why we took our first yoga classes 19 years ago and did teacher training 13 years ago and opened our first studio 11 years ago.  

The result is Yoga House Miami, a #happyplace for us and a warm community of connected, confident yogis.  

Our current teachers all came to us as clients first and then wanted to stay on to add their skills and passion to the studio community.  

We all grow by investing our precious time and energy into seeking both challenge and support through a life-changing yoga practice.  

That’s what a yoga practice means to us: a marriage between continuous improvement and conscious celebration of what we already are.

What Our Members Love about the Studio


Work and even Home can be stressful places sometimes - it helps to have an oasis of positivity and community to help us go to work or go home with our best selves


Modern life is a lot of running around that can distract us to the point where we don't feel at home in our own body - a mindful, physical practice changes that 


Our family, work colleagues, customers, and even the rest of the world need us at our most confident - witnessing our own strength in a class builds that confidence


Being around other people who are also working to find their best selves is a big comfort 

Since 2009 

We have been doing this for a long time, we are good at it, and we are ready to help you!