Q. Which Class Should I Take?  

A. That depends on the result you want!

Beginners Welcome - don't worry about not knowing what you're doing yet - our communiy is full of warm and inviting people all working on themselves. All classes are about an hour and 95 degrees.  


Flow through postures designed to challenge, strengthen, and stretch while making you sweat. A great mental workout, too - focusing and calming the mind through physical movement.


Hot Pilates

A high-energy, low-impact, calorie burning class using planks, burpees, and 20 seconds on/10 seconds off interval training for an efficient cardio workout.


Bikram Style

The original hot yoga - what we began teaching in 2007. You'll do a standardized set of poses designed for everyone regardless of level or ability. To work out every joint, mucle, and organ in the body - and in the process connect with you mind.


Electric Stretch

Amplify your flexibility and mobility with this unique class Will designed - based on Bikram yoga poses. Tired of low back pain? Ready for some upper body strength? Know that you need core strength but don’t know how to get it? Get there fast with The Electric Stretch.


Cardio Sculpt Yoga

A Bootcamp with Yoga woven through the hour. You'll build strength and burn calories while showing yourself what you can do!


Restore & Renew

Slow, long poses to get your mind inside your body and start calming both down,


sunset clouds yoga house miami

Actual Sunset View!


 Interested in learning more about our studio? Want to chat with one of our trained yoga teachers and staff? Fill out the contact form with any inquiries, and someone will be in contact within a day. You can also email us at 

2050 Coral Way #602 Miami, FL 33145


About the Owners

We love working on ourselves and being around people doing the same.  

That’s why we took our first yoga classes 19 years ago and did teacher training 12 years ago and opened our first studio 10 years ago.  

The result is Yoga House Miami, a #happyplace for us and a warm community of connected, confident yogis.  

Our current teachers all came to us as clients first and then wanted to stay on to add their skills and passion to the studio community.  

We all grow by investing our precious time and energy into seeking both challenge and support through a life-changing yoga practice.  

That’s what a yoga practice means to us: a marriage between continuous improvement and conscious celebration of what we already are.  

10 years ago we opened Bikram Hot Yoga Miami. Now we're called Yoga House Miami and we're on Coral Way at 21st Ave. It's been an awesome ride!

Our Values

Any Person can Connect with their Most Confident Self by Joining Yoga House Miami because Expert Teaching and a Community of Yogis makes us all Happier!

Actual Sunset View from the Studio

What Our Members Love about the Studio


Work and even Home can be stressful places sometimes - it helps to have an oasis of positivity and community to help us go to work or go home with our best selves


Modern life is a lot of running around that can distract us to the point where we don't feel at home in our own body - a mindful, physical practice changes that 


Our family, work colleagues, customers, and even the rest of the world need us at our most confident - witnessing our own strength in a class builds that confidence


Being around other people who are also working to find their best selves is a big comfort 

Since 2009 

We have been doing this for a long time, we are good at it, and we are ready to help you!

Yoga House Miami yoga class

Your #happyplace for Connection, Confidence, and Community Since 2009

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"I'm happier than I was before"

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Join Our Community at Yoga House Miami because 

You'll leave feeling centered, strong, and ready to enjoy life with confidence.

  • Work/Family Stress
  • Wanting to Do It All
  • Putting Others First 


Can Break our Mind+Body Connection  

We Help You Re-Connect 

Yoga House Miami hot yoga classes bikram vinyasa pilates
Yoga House Miami sunset vinyasa hot pilates bikram hot yoga classes

Your #happyplace 🤗 for Connection, Confidence, and Community Since 2009

  • Support When You Need It
  • Challenge When You Want It
  • The Comfort of a Community

Classes for every-body.

Q. Which Class Should I Take?  

A. That depends on the result you want!

🙋‍Stretching Therapy 🙋‍

Tired of low back pain? Ready for some upper body strength? Know that you need core strength but don’t know how to get it? Therapeutic, warm, beginner's yoga classes based on Bikram yoga. Our expert teachers will lead you through a safe, standardized sequence designed for everyone whether you just want to tie your shoes without pain or you are a training Olympic-level athlete. You'll properly warm up your muscles and joints for a great stretch of the back, shoulders, hips, and more to promote better circulation and tension release. Look for Bikram Style or the Electric Stretch.

Vinyasa Flow 

You'll challenge, strengthen, and stretch while flowing through Vinyasa postures making you warm up and sweat! A great mental workout, too - focusing and calming the mind through physical movement. You'll do Vinyasa flows, Down Dogs, Sun Salutations, hip openers, etc. Every class is a little different to keep you on your toes. Our teachers are experts at support when you need it and challenge when you want it.

🔥Calorie Burn 🔥

You'll build confidence as you challenge yourself to higher and higher levels with our expert teachers supporting you along the way. You'll move, pulse, and sweat into readiness for your life. High-energy, low-impact, calorie burning Hot Pilates classes using planks, burpees, and 20 seconds on/10 seconds off interval training for an efficient, pumping cardio workout.

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Your Expert Teachers

Our longtime teachers all came to us as clients first and then wanted to stay on to add their skills and passion to the studio community.  

andrea karahalios yoga house miami ayurveda vinyasa hot yoga

Andrea Karahalios - Vinyasa, Ayurvedic Consults

  • Practicing yoga and meditation since the mid 90’s when she was living in London 
  • Teaching full time in Miami since 2011
  • Studies under Rod Stryker of the Himalayan tradition, Judith Lasater, Cyndi Lee and John Immel of Joyful Belly
  • Yoga ERYT 500 registered with Yoga Alliance
  • Relax and Renew Restorative teacher
  • Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist
  • Master certification in Ayurvedic Digestion and Nutrition.
  • Insight to physical strength, alignment, meditation practices, relaxation techniques, food and the science of holistic balance for self-healing. 
  • Group and private classes
  • Ayurvedic consultations and cleanses to optimize wellbeing and digestive health
katherine lowe yoga house miami cardio sculpt vinyasa

Katherine Lowe - Cardio Sculpt Yoga

Being active has been a constant in my life from playing field hockey in college to competing in triathlons and long distance open water swims later in life, but the desire to push myself physically and mentally is balanced with my love of meditation. While living in Atlanta in 2015, I discovered Yoga Sculpt and became obsessed with its combination of cardio, strength training and the meditative/restorative aspects of yoga. I witnessed both my mind and body changing and that strength and confidence gained in my daily practice overflowed into all areas of my life. I moved to New York City the following year and continued to take 1-2 classes a day (yes, obsessed!) until I was encouraged by one of my mentors to become a certified instructor, which I did through Corepower Yoga in 2018. Becoming an instructor has been life changing for me, it’s such a natural high for me to guide a class through this practice of which I am so passionate…to see individuals come together, support each other and sweat it out as a community!

I taught up to 15 classes a week in studios throughout Manhattan for over a year and just recently moved to Miami, where I was lucky enough to discover Yoga House Miami. This studio’s true sense of community just drew me in! Besides being an instructor, I work at Athleta, swim on a Masters team, am an avid Citibike rider and paddleboarder. I am excited to bring the joy of Cardio Sculpt Yoga to the Yoga House Miami community and I look forward to meeting you all!

Kelly Moundjian E-RYT Yoga House Miami

Kelly Moumdjian - E-RYT, Vinyasa, Hot Pilates, Restore & Renew

  • 200-hour E-Registered Yoga Teacher, Pilates instructor, and fitness coach 
  • Background in Adult Learning and Neuropsychology
  • Creative sequences, playfulness, and an approach that inspires you to practice yoga every day to change your body and expand your mind
  • Core work, arm balances, twists and inversions
  • Follow her on IG and Facebook at kellymoumdjian
  • Come prepared to sweat and have fun!
Raquel Hot Pilates

Raquel Ortiz - Hot Pilates, Vinyasa, Yin, and Bikram Style

Raquel or as her friends & family call her 'Keli', has been involved in fitness since her early days. Dance classes & growing up by the beach always inspired her active lifestyle. Keli felt a strong passion for fitness, teaching, spinning and step aerobics in the 90's in her hometown Puerto Rico. After relocating she continued teaching at fitness chains in South Florida. Once She incorporated her production company Keli, Inc; she spent years in the entertainment industry traveling and working on production sets daily with no time for her health & fitness. She experienced the downfalls of how a stressful work and lifestyle took a toll on her mind and body.  

After two major knee reconstructive surgeries, Keli found herself disabled for a couple of years until she was introduced to pilates as the rehabilitation therapy that got her back to walking again. At this turning point of her life yoga was her savior and Bikram Yoga became her obsession, in which she found real healing inside out.  

Since completing various Teacher Trainings, Keli has been dedicated to teaching several forms of intense trainings like Hot Pilates, Barre Intensity and Power Fusion as well as more calming and stretching modalities like Yogalates, Yin Yoga and Meditation. Keli is also a Wellness Advocate for Natural Healing and a Reiky Practitioner.  

It has been a long road of physical/mental recoveries for her to get to this point so she is very careful that her classes are low impact on the joints and muscles therefore improving overall health for the long haul, not just a quick fix. Keli always strives for expanding her knowledge and teachings of natural healing and fitness methods and inspires everyone who attends her classes to never give up and awaken their awareness to the of the body, mind & soul connection! 

Rebecca Taylor Hot Yoga Miami

Rebecca Taylor - Bikram Style, Vinyasa

Rebecca received her certification at Bikram’s Yoga House of India under Bikram Choudhury in Los Angeles, CA in the Spring of 2013.  

For Rebecca, the physical aspect of yoga has always been about finding joy in movement, in expressing what the body and mind can do when they work together with patience, focus, consistency, and self-acceptance. She believes in not taking the practice too seriously, and finding the fun in all of it’s many twists and challenges. She strives to teach her students that yoga is simply a tool that guides you in a direction to be more self-aware, therefore, being kinder to yourself and as a result, to others. All this, while also healing, stretching and strengthening your own body and mind through an entirely organic process.  

In teaching yoga, she’s found that her students are also the teachers - teaching something new to her everyday. It’s a shared experience, so let’s share the love together and have some fun!

Mary Margaret Thomas - Studio Owner, Bikram Style, Hot Pilates

  • Fixed her chronic knee pain with Bikram yoga 
  • Loves helping others use yoga for healing and therapy
  • It sometimes makes her more patient with her three kids and Will
  • Teaches yoga and wellness full time at a K-12 school
  • Bikram Yoga Certified 2007, Inferno Hot Pilates 2016
Will Thomas Yoga House Miami

Will Thomas - Studio Owner, Bikram Style, The Electric Stretch

  • 1st yoga class in 2000 during MBA school - loved the feeling even without experience or flexibility  
  • Certified Teacher 2007, Studio Owner 2009 
  • Taught over 37,000 individuals in 2,200 classes  
  • Office Stretching Leader for First Responders and American Airlines, BBC Worldwide, Miami-Dade County  
  • Main focus is helping clients release low-back and shoulder pain through strengthening and stretching
Yoga House Miami

Katherine Vazquez-Aldana - Vinyasa

  • Started yoga to help gain control of my anxiety through breath and movement
  • It has helped me tap into my artistic expression in painting and drawing
  • I decided to become a yoga teacher to help teach others not just how yoga can be used as a form of exercise, but to develop a deeper relationship within themselves to uncover what is occurring unconsciously throughout the practice
  • I chose to obtain my Teacher Certification from Yoga House Miami because of its supportive familial community. Everyone from the owners, Will & Mary Margaret, to their lead teacher, Kelly Moumdjian, is inviting and always willing to help to the maximum of their abilities to answer any questions, share knowledge from their experiences, and challenge you to help further deepen your own yoga practice. I am excited to join the house at Yoga House Miami.
  • RYS-200 Yoga Alliance Certified, 2019

Our Values

Any Person can Connect with their Most Confident Self by Joining Yoga House Miami because Expert Teaching and a Community of Yogis makes us all Happier!

Office Yoga/Stretching Programs

What if you had a way to relieve the most common physical complaint - low back tightness - for your office? In 12 minutes during the work day? 

12 Minutes to Back Stretching Relief for Your Team  

Any team can improve their performance by relieving back and shoulder tension because just one of our unique 12 minute group sessions can bring awareness and quick relief to those parts of the body that we use the most in our workday.  

Join Major Banks, Media Companies, Auto Dealers, Manufacturers and First Responders 

office stretching yoga workplace yoga house miami

Sitting. Texting. Phones on the shoulder. Focused on the screen and getting the job done. While we seem to be getting more work done than ever, there's a cost sometimes in how we feel. A disconnection. A distraction from what's going on in our own bodies. Sooner or later, we start to feel something wrong. A tightness. A pinching. A weakness. Like we can't move they way we used to - or are supposed to. Sometimes it hurts so much it takes our breath away - and sometimes it just sits there and annoys us. Reminds us that we are neglecting something important - but we just don't have time right now...

yoga house miami office stretching

The answer?  

Movement. Circulation. Stretching.

“I've heard Yoga is good - but who has the space for all those mats? And the time for a hour-long class with changing clothes? Who could come in early or stay late with their outside work schedule packed with carpools, pickups, everything else?”

Our solution? 12-minute in-office guided group stretching sessions. No yoga mats or changing clothes - just quick, targeted, effective focus on the muscles that are calling for our attention. We only need space for the group to stand up - in the conference or break room works perfectly. Unlock Sitting Muscles. Prevent Injuries. Relieve Stress. Call today and start getting your team the Back Relief they need. "I usually have issues but right now my low back feels amazing." - Fire Fighter after a 12-minute stretching session 

Office Stretching by Yoga House Miami

Will Thomas Yoga House Miami

Will Thomas, Office Yoga Specialist

  • 1st yoga class in 2000 during MBA school - loved the feeling even without experience or flexibility  
  • Certified Teacher 2007, Studio Owner 2009 
  • Taught over 37,000 individuals in 2,200 classes  
  • Office Stretching Leader for First Responders and American Airlines, BBC Worldwide, Miami-Dade County  
  • Main focus is helping clients release low-back and shoulder pain through strengthening and stretching

What is the Electric Stretch?

Will Thomas Yoga House Miami

The Electric Stretch is the reason why I look and feel better at 49 than I ever have in my life. It has built my upper body strength and definition, supercharged my core, and unlocked my hips

by Will Thomas Yoga House Miami  


Really. And that includes the last 19 years of regular yoga - as a practitioner, teacher, and studio owner. I’ve never been this lean, felt this balance between strength and flexibility, or been this excited to make a daily connection between my mind and body.  

What exactly is it?  

It’s a cooler, faster, more active approach to Bikram yoga - the 26-pose “hot yoga” system popularized in the US over the last 50 years. I started my Bikram practice in 2000 and loved being able to do it immediately despite my inflexibility and inexperience. It is a smart, whole-body sequence of poses that utilizes every muscle and joint every time - comprehensive, safe, and effective. One issue, though, is efficiency - to do traditional Bikram yoga you need a studio heated to 105 degrees+40% humidity, a qualified instructor, and about 3 hours of your day (90 minutes for the practice, cool-down time, showering, travel to and from the studio on their schedule, etc). Over the years I have watched so many people benefit from the practice but struggle to sacrifice that much of their daily schedule to keep consistency.  

The Electric Stretch studio class takes about 50 minutes. And it’s a better strengthener+stretch than anything I’ve done before.  


By contracting muscles in repetitions while reaching for a stretch, you can supercharge your body’s ability to use strength to create flexibility. As you move through the whole-body sequence of poses you’ll develop arm strength to release back and shoulder tension, activate core strength to open and protect lower back muscles, and fire up leg muscles to create hamstring and hips muscle flexibility. Pulsing reps through your arms, core, then legs in each pose amplifies the power of each pose - and your body’s benefit from it.  

 The repetitions create warmth in the muscles, removing the need for so much artificial/added heat. They shorten the time to really get in to each part of your body that needs attention and make a positive change. And they keep away autopilot mode by laser-focusing your mind on what you’re feeling in your body.  

The comprehensiveness and consistency of the sequence gets you the benefit to every area of your body - every time. And the focus on creating a feeling of stretch means anyone can benefit regardless of condition or experience - if you can feel a stretch, you can do this practice. By aiming for a feeling rather than a pose, you make a very deep and quick mind-body relationship.  

Is it the same every time? Isn’t that boring?  

The sequence is the same - that’s how you know you’re reaching every part of your body every time. The body always feels a little different, though, so when you’re paying close attention to those changes you’re definitely not bored. Depending on how you are feeling that day, you can use it as a muscle-burning challenge or you can use it basically as a body scan - moving through the poses to find tight areas, use muscles to pump a little blood there, and move on to the next part. That improvement in your blood circulation is exactly what you need to feel relief in and connection to your body.  

Will it make me lose weight?  

I lost close to 50 lbs in my 50th year by finally accepting what this or any other kind of yoga is NOT: a weight-loss solution. I developed the Electric Stretch because it felt great, but I quickly realized it was so quick and cool that I was going to need a different way to maintain my weight. The answer? Food (who knew?). I finally got serious about changing my approach to food and the pounds quickly started to come off - and I realized how much mental energy I had wasted in all those years thinking that yoga was my weight loss solution. It had been in the back of my mind the whole time (“push harder, go to class, you’ll feel guilty if you skip”) that yoga was keeping me “fit.” Once I let go of that myth, the weight came off and my yoga practice soared. Now when I practice I am free to concentrate on my strength and flexibility without worrying about how many calories I’m burning. The effect is super positive and affirming, which is why I’m now attracted to it every day rather than pushed towards it by guilt. That’s a lesson many, many years in the making for me - that I’m eager to shortcut for you.  

So what was your weight loss solution?  

Figuring out how to feel full and satisfied on much less food. Eating richer, heavier, more filling foods - so I can be satisfied faster and not over-eat. Letting my stomach tell me how much to eat rather than the restaurant portion or the grocery store marketing suggestion or the popular myth. Realizing that my stomach gets full way before my cravings do. And paying attention to which and how much food slows me down mentally + physically. Of course clothes fitting better is nice - but the mental clarity and energy boost has been the biggest benefit.  

How do I get started?  

I usually teach the Electric Stretch on Sunday and Wednesday mornings as well as private lessons - where we can work on setting you up for home practice to mix in with studio classes. Studio class schedule here.

Will Thomas, Electric Stretch

About me: I took my first yoga class in 2000 during MBA school and immediately saw the long-term benefits. I loved the way the class made me feel even though I had no experience and very limited flexibility. I started a regular 5x per week practice while working in Latin American import/export and, in 2007, decided to take a 9-week, residential teacher training with my wife and 300+ other yogis in Hawaii. After apprenticing for 2 years in Miami Beach we opened our own studio in Coconut Grove in 2009. Since then, I have taught over 37,000 individuals in over 2,200 classes! I developed these short Office Stretching sessions for clients including American Airlines, BBC Worldwide, and Miami-Dade County Employees. My main focus now is helping clients release low-back and shoulder pain through stretching.

Studio Rates

Yoga House Miami yoga classes group class bikram vinyasa pilates

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After that, most people choose our Autorenew Membership

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10 Classes in 2-Months for $230 

Class Schedule

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Cardio Sculpt Yoga 6am Tuesdays at Yoga House Miami
Welcome Video

"I'm Happier than I Was Before"

"I had a lot of pain in my hips and after only 5 classes I can sleep through the whole night again" - Mireya (hips)

"I used to go to many doctors and chiropractors and the only thing that really worked was yoga. Since starting, I have been PAIN FREE" - Carlos (shoulder)

"I started this class 2 1/2 months ago and it's been a big blessing for my life...I can sleep better...I feel fantastic" - Freddie (Bell's Palsy)

Yin Yoga Workshop

Time to slow it down, folks.  

You'll feel accomplished by the challenge of SLOWING DOWN and quieting the mind. Reminding yourself that you really can shut everything down.  

You'll take the time to slowly and gently address your flexibility. Fewer poses held for 2-10 minutes each. Quiet and contemplative. A slow, deep stretch for the connective tissues.  

For anyone ready to re-connect by dis-connecting for 90 minutes.  

yin yoga workshop yoga house miami vinyasa bikram pilates

Sept 14th 12:30-2pm


$20 Members/$25 Future Members earlybird pricing until 9/12. Space is limited so grab your spot now.  

Foam Roller Workshop

Have you seen people using Foam Rollers and wondered how you can benefit? Well then, join us for this fun and informative Foam Rolling Workshop on September 28th!  

Foam Rolling promotes self-myofascial release and can improve your flexibility and mobility while decreasing stress and tension. Everyone can benefit from a regular foam rolling practice, whether you are an athlete looking to improve recovery times and take your training to the next level, or if you are looking to address chronic aches and pain and increase ease of movement.  

This workshop will combine important principles and guidelines with lots of opportunity to practice foam rolling techniques. Kelly will lead a discussion about how foam rolling effects the body and then you will learn techniques that target your back, shoulders, hips, hamstrings, calves and much more!  

Come with your mat, towel, water and your foam roller. (A 24 to 36 inch high-density foam roller is recommended. If you'd rather buy a foam roller at the time of the workshop, we can have one for you--just let us know.)

kelly foam roller yoga house miami vinyasa hot bikram pilates

Sept 28th 1-2:30 pm

$20 Members/$25 Future Members earlybird pricing until 9/26. Space is limited so grab your spot now.  

Shine Your Light Yoga Donation Class

Yoga House Miami is proud to host a Shine Your Light Yoga Event on Saturday, October 5th from 1:00-2:00 pm. This national event is organized by the Take Back The Night Foundation to provide support for survivors of all forms of sexual violence. The event features yoga studios from all over the USA holding classes to encourage their entire community to lend their collective energy and healing spirit to survivors and to those who work to support survivors in their healing. Our session starts with a powerful 40-minute vinyasa practice, led by Kelly Moumdjian, where we will ignite the warrior/survivor within all of us. We will then end our time with a 20 minute slower paced healing practice. Thus class is for all levels-- no yoga experience required. Proceeds will go to Take Back The Night Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Come join us, breath, strengthen your mind and body and let your light shine!

Organized by the Take Back The Night Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, this nation-wide event features yoga studios from all 50 states. Each studio will hold one or more classes on Saturday designated as their Shine Your Light Class with all class fees going to support Take Back the Night Foundation in our work to support survivors and raise awareness. Many studios will have trauma-informed instructors, and all will offer an opening meditation and contact free practice to best support survivors in their healing and comfort throughout the class.  

Shine Your Light National Yoga Event for Take Back The Night is a $16 (or more) donation that goes 100% to the Take Back the Night 501(c)3 nonprofit. Tickets are through Eventbrite.


Kelly Moundjian E-RYT Yoga House Miami

Oct 5 @ 1 pm

Bolsters, Blankets, and Blocks Workshop

Bolsters, Blankets, and Blocks Oh My!  

A very special extended class with Andrea on Saturday, Oct 12 from 1-2:30pm  

90 minutes of supported and enhanced postures to let something else do the work for a change.  

Accessories provided. Minimum of 6, maximum of 12, so reserve your spot right away...  

andrea karahalios yoga house miami ayurveda vinyasa hot yoga

Oct 12 1-2:30 pm

Ayurvedic Workshop and Dosha Test

The Fall Season Ayurvedic Cleanse Guided by Ayurvedic Consultant Andrea Karahalios Give your body and your mind a break, hit the reset button on your digestive system, get rid of the accumulated heat during the Summer season, and enjoy the benefits of a simple and effective Ayurvedic cleanse. Fall cleanse helps to prevent sickness such as seasonal flu and those who are prone to allergic reactions as well as reduce anxiety and insomnia. Our Ayurvedic Fall Cleanse provides you with the information and support that you need to prepare for and enjoy a 3 day mono-diet cleanse and the reintegration experience. It includes recipes, meal plan guidance and access to online private group chat and daily support from Andrea Karahalios, Ayurvedic Consultant and cleanse leader. An Ayurvedic Cleanse: Restores a sense of calm to the mind and the nervous system. Fosters both clarity and groundedness in the mental, spiritual, and emotional spheres. Nurtures an improved sense of energy and vitality. Supports sound sleep. Promotes regular elimination. Helps reestablish one’s natural state of balance. Prepares the tissues for deep nourishment and rejuvenation. Promotes optimal health.  

Cleanse Schedule:  

Ayurvedic Workshop and Dosha Test Oct 12 3pm 4 days detox preparation: Oct 14 - Oct 17 3 day cleanse: Oct 18, 19 & 20 (Friday - Sunday)  

Followed by a one week reintroduction guideline on private group chat Andrea Karahalios will guide you during the preparation, the 3 day cleanse and the reintegration period so you will know exactly what and what not to eat, eliminate and reintegrate in your daily diet. Fall Cleanse Package $329, Members receive 10% off  

Package Includes: Cleansing Kit & Recipes, (tongue scraper, Nasya Oil, Triphala, CCF tea, Self-Massage oil, Basmati Rice, Dahl and spice mix) Workshop with Andrea Karahalios: Saturday October 12th (90 min) Private group chat and daily support Detox Tea, Organic Body Oil, Supplement for detoxification and rejuvenation  

Not included: organic fresh vegetables and fruits  

Deadline to register and participate is October 1st. 

andrea karahalios yoga house miami ayurveda vinyasa hot yoga

Oct 12 3-5pm

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