What is the Electric Stretch?

Will Thomas Electric Stretch Yoga House Miami

Benefits of Electric Stretch:  

I just feel better moving through my days.  

Zero creaks in my joints - and when one pops up, I know exactly what I'm going to do about it.  

I sit on the floor for my computer time, and getting up and down is frictionless.  

Muscle definition (vain, but hey).  

Muscle response: I can twitch muscles that I never used to be able to twitch. New muscles seem to crop up as I get better at isolation. During my day when I can get my abs to twitch it reassures me that I am keeping my low back super stable as a result.  

Of course shedding 25% of my body weight enhances all of the above - but I shed the pounds because the practice made me feel so good in my body that I could get control of my eating, so it is all intertwined... 

Video Preview of the Electric Stretch

Will Thomas, Electric Stretch

About me: I took my first yoga class in 2000 during MBA school and immediately saw the long-term benefits. I loved the way the class made me feel even though I had no experience and very limited flexibility. I started a regular 5x per week practice while working in Latin American import/export and, in 2007, decided to take a 9-week, residential teacher training with my wife and 300+ other yogis in Hawaii. After apprenticing for 2 years in Miami Beach we opened our own studio in Coconut Grove in 2009. Since then, I have taught over 37,000 individuals in over 2,200 classes! I developed these short Office Stretching sessions for clients including American Airlines, BBC Worldwide, and Miami-Dade County Employees. My main focus now is helping clients release low-back and shoulder pain through stretching.