Coronavirus Update #3 (7 June 2020)

Coronavirus Update #2 (21 March 2020)

Dear Yoga House Member,  

We are happy to be moving our online classes to Zoom! This will let us connect more deeply with two-way communication and teacher instructions plus group energy :)  

We hope you take this time to explore your home practice - maybe even increase your practice schedule - as we keep our collective stress levels low and vibrations high ☺.  

Virtual Classes Start Monday, March 23 at 9am with Will's Electric Stretch.  

1. Choose the class(es) you want from the Wellness Living schedule. The schedule is set through Sunday March 29. Please sign in at least 30 minutes before class time.  

2. Payment options: (Virtual Classes included with Active Memberships), or -$20 per class - click here -$10 per class if your income/industry has been affected by the shutdowns here  

3. We will email you a Zoom link 15 minutes before the class starts.  

Classes will start on time (no 5-minute delay) :) Please expect some technical bugs at the beginning ;) We can't wait to see you in class!  

We thank you for being part of the Yoga House community 🙏.  

Will, MM, and everyone at Yoga House Miami.

p.s. We also have online Private classes available for one-on-one instruction (or your own group). Email us @

Coronavirus Update #1 (16 March 2020)

Dear Yoga House Member,  

We hope you are feeling ok during such a crazy time 🙃.  

We have made the difficult decision to close our public classes for now. To keep our teachers working, we will stream classes through Facebook Live so you can take class in real time at home.  

Search Facebook for the "Yoga House Miami Streaming Classes" Private group or follow this link .  

We hope you are able to keep your Membership active and keep practicing with us in the Facebook group. If not, email and we will freeze your Membership.  

Additionally, we have in-studio, in-home, and online Private classes available. Let us know if that is a possibility for you.  

Obviously a lot of uncertainty right now 🤷‍♀️, but this we know for sure: a healthy body and healthy mind, and working towards that health from wherever we are at the moment, are the way to stay positive on our collective journey 🧡.  

We thank you for being part of the Yoga House community 🙏.  

With love,  

Will and Mary Margaret