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Acoustic Yoga Evening 6:30pm Friday, Oct 29 🧘🌴🌘

On the grass at the Historic Barnacle State Park in Coconut Grove. 3485 Main Highway.

Mary Margaret teaches her Flow class while Will plays guitar. Mats on the grass, beautiful view! Video preview.

  • Limited Advance Tickets - No tickets at the door.
One Day-Of Ticket - $30

$30 the day of the event

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About Will & Mary Margaret

We love working on ourselves and being around people doing the same.  

That’s why we took our first yoga classes 19 years ago and did teacher training 14 years ago and opened our first studio 12 years ago.  

The result is Yoga House Miami, a #happyplace for us and a warm community of connected, confident yogis.  

We all grow by investing our precious time and energy into seeking both challenge and support through a life-changing yoga practice.  

That’s what a yoga practice means to us: a marriage between continuous improvement and conscious celebration of what we already are.